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        Welcome to Tai'an Xinyuan Solar Energy Ltd official website!

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        Tai'an Xinyuan Solar Energy Ltd



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            Shandong province Tai'an City Xinyuan Solar Energy Ltd, is located in Shandong province Tai'an city Daiyue District Dawenkou solar industrial park. The main production of solar vacuum tube, balcony wall type water heater, solar power, energy and other optical products. Total area of 35 acres of about 23000 square meters, construction area of 15000 square meters. Existing staff of more than 160 employees, professional marketing team, senior technical management staff of more than 20 people. The production of main products of vacuum tube reached about 4000000. Science and technology management, technology innovation, the quality of the first advanced concepts under the product in short supply. Company registered capital of 2 million annual sales of 50 million. Energy saving and consumption reduction in solar green products of science and technology, national key projects to support, over the years the spirit of quality first and win-win cooperation, continuous access to the honorary title of "credibility quality" and "high quality products", win universal praise. Makes the enterprise development and growth in the steady lead.

            Organization set up perfect, strong production and technical force, has a number of independent intellectual property rights of the vacuum tube manufacturing technology, with different levels of professional and technical personnel, set research and development, production, services in one, advanced global R & D capability for enterprise technological progress, technology extension and sustainable development provides effective protection. With a strong technical, experienced solar system engineering installation team and a capable sales team, set 20 years of production, service experience, and in good faith for customer service.