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        Optimization of human resources, not limited to individual structure optimization, the talent resources within the individual elements between harmonious development, and includes optimizing the group structure, the total efficiency more than the population of each performance and. A good population structure, can lead to "the three stooges, surpass Zhuge Liang"; population structure is poor, resulting in the "three monks no water to drink," the situation. Group optimization is made in many aspects, considering the age echelon, a combination of professional, sex ratio, complementary intelligence, energy levels and personality suitable., and strive to form of intergenerational echelon reasonable, reasonable proportion of the profession and gender, intelligence and level of mutual complementary, character and temperament of the inclusive and balanced.

        At present, the rational allocation and optimization of the structure of talent groups, you must pay attention to high-end talent, key personnel, core talents, basic personnel, technical personnel, and so on the matching and coordination. Talent group echelon structure "Apollo" revealed: composed of smart people first-class team is often unsuccessful, because too bright too have their own ideas, can easily lead to dissipation of team cohesion. Therefore, the Panasonic Corp has always cherished talent, but it happens as far as possible not the top level of talent, but more inclined to play the role of more than 70 points. This shows that: "the principle of the best" is higher than the "optimal principle", the right is the best.