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        Structure of all glass vacuum tube

        Publisher:admin  Addtime:2016-05-23  View counts:  

        All glass vacuum tube structure which is composed of an inner glass tube, solar selective absorbing coating, vacuum interlayer, a cover glass pipe, a support member (clips), getter parts.

        1 inside the glass tube is used as a water flow pipe;

        2. Copper oxide, black nickel, black chrome, zinc black, black copper solar selective absorbing coating is through the outer surface evenly coated, glass tube with vacuum deposition, sputtering technique and electrochemical processing technology, which is used to absorb solar radiation.

        3. Will be coated with a selective coating of the inner glass tube sealed cover glass, and the inner and outer glass tube with vacuum between, forming a vacuum degree 0.05Pa the vacuum interlayer of the, to reduce heat loss caused by air convection and conduction. This principle and thermos similar;

        4. All glass vacuum collector tube using single open end design. By end of the inner and outer tube annular weld seal and the pipe and the other end is sealed hemispherical head, the spring clip is used to be the head support in the end cover of the inside of the glass tube, so that the inner glass tube absorb solar radiation and temperature, the glass knob formation of thermal expansion of the free end so as to buffer the work of the water heater caused by vacuum heat collecting tube open end of the thermal stress.

        When heated, the original is adsorbed on the tube wall of trace gases (mainly water vapor) will be released. Vacuum tube, affecting the degree of vacuum, getter and getter film is used to absorb the released gas, in order to maintain a high vacuum heat collecting pipe.



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